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Axis 01148-001 PoE adapter
T8129-E Outdoor PoE Extender
Axis 01210-001 IR LED unit
AXIS T90D20 IR-LED Illuminator
Axis 01212-001 IR LED unit
AXIS T90D30 IR-LED Illuminator
Axis 01214-001 IR LED unit
Optimized to match your camera’s field of view
Axis 01215-001 IR LED unit
AXIS T90D25 W-LED Illuminator
Axis 01219-001 mounting kit
T90 Wall-and-Pole Mount
Axis 01220-001 mounting kit
AXIS T90 Single Bracket
Axis 01221-001 Mount
AXIS T90 Multi Bracket
Axis 01242-001 Mount
T94C01L Recessed Mount
Axis 01244-001 Mount
T94C01U Universal Mount